CI/CD? DevOps? SRE? Platform Engineering?

There is a lot to be said about these topics. Instead of regurgitating any talking points, below are resources that I agree (with commentary)

I have heard the name Charity Majors a lot from people I trust when talking about Devops and Observability. My journey no this platform is just starting but for me it begins with her content

DevOps musings from her blog

Structured Events w.r.t Observability

Observability Talk. The Monitoring vs Observability portion was eye opening:

Continuous Delivery take from her

Dave Farley is a thought leader within the Continuous Delivery space with his own youtube channel. I trust and cosign basically everything he says

Continuous Delivery Checklist:

How Continuous Delivery pipelines work:

Random Blogs and videos I like

Short manifesto on what it takes for continuous delivery

THE guide in terms of breadth of information with respect to trunk based development. The only way to ensure healthy and always deliverable code (its hard tho): Trunk Based Development

High level notes of the role of an SRE

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