Audio Clipper and the Serverless Slackbot


My friends and I communicate daily over slack. Our channels are full of the usual jokes, inappropriate convos, gifs, that most groupchats are filled with. Instead of pictures, gifs, or videos, I wanted to be able to react to conversations using an audio clip.

I didn’t really see a way to do this. I got close by finding a youtube clip with the audio. Unfortunately, that youtube link came with video and a commercial.


To achieve what I wanted I created a slackbot that, given a youtube link, would download a 10 sec clip of the audio and post it.

More information about the slackbot and how it is used can be found on Github. Here is an example of what it looks like live within slack.


The Serverless Framework is doing a great job in allowing developers to run short lived web workloads as lambda functions. This is the best reference I have found that will walk you through a serverless slackbot using AWS Lambda, Slack Bolt, and Node.js

Other Useful References

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