CS for Kids

Book and game recommendations for younger children to get into programming! Leave your recommendations in the comments!

TypeNameAge Range
BookHello Ruby
BookIf Ball; Then Catch5 – 8
BookRosie Technology Book
BookABC Technology Book
BookHow to Code a Rollercoaster4 – 8
BookWebster’s Email3 – 8
BookCounting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Save Apollo 135 – 9
BookGrace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code 5 and UP
BookThe Technology Tail: A Digital Footprint Story7 – 10
BookHow to Code a Sandcastle 4 – 8
BookSecret Coders (Series)8 – 12
BookAda Twist, Scientist (The Questioneers)5 -7
BookComputational Fairy Tales8 – 12
BookAda Lovelace: Poet of Science
GameTuring Tumble8 and UP
GameLightbot6 and UP
GameScratch Jr5 – 7
GameCode.org4 – 13
GameCode Combat
GameRobot TurtlesAges: 4 and UP

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