Use Github Templates for starter code!


Ever wanted to start a project with a tech stack that you are familiar with? One that you have already customized with preferred dependencies and defaults? Github allows users to create projects as templates. These templates can be used to generate other projects with code from the template.

For an example, when I create react applications I know I want to always start out with typescript, jest, react testing library, and certain directory structures.


I created a react-starter project. Then went to Settings > Template Repository to convert that project to a template

Next, I created the my other project using the Use this template button in the react-starter template repository

Now it’s time to configure your new project as normal

New projects created from templates should have a reference to the template under the name of the project

And that’s it! The current repository does not have too many defaults right now but nothing is stopping me from continuing to add more down the line

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